Web Solution

WEB Solution

The primary diver of our internal reporting solution is the web based system, which facilitates report creation and a dialog between Ethicspro (on your behalf) and the person making the report. We are proud of our commitment to corporate governance and transparency, and as a client of Ethicspro you will be too.

For your stakeholders we make communication as easy as possible, they simply select your organisation in the dropdown menu, they agree that they will make a report in good faith and be truthful, and then simply communicate their concern.  As an organisation you may want certain information gathered, you defiantly will want specifics, but you most certainly will not want problems escalating, you will want to  do your best in avoiding any possible litigation  and that is why you will choose Ethicspro to handle your reporting for you.

Should an internal investigation be warranted by the creation of a report, we can assist you with that too. That’s because when a person makes a report, we encourage them to come back and check on its progress, and they can do that with total anonymity, they are safe, and confident in knowing they are dealing with an independent third party such as Ethicspro.

And yes we also provide a mail service of the old tradition; we will receive documents, letters and faxes to our headquarters on your behalf, this can be discussed with you where we can tailor make a package that suits you

You may decide that the web solution is not for you or your company; you may just require a telephone number or an email address, that’s no problem, we are happy to provide you with just that.

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