Corporate Email

Corporate Email

You may decide that you don’t require the web, phone, and email support that our total solution makes available to you. At Ethicspro we realise different businesses have different requirement, and like people they come in all shapes and sizes, we don’t claim to provide a unique service, we just want to provide you with something that fits your organisation in the best way possible. Not all clients of Ethicspro are on the web solution, and that ok.

You can have a standalone email reporting system if you prefer it’s dedicated for your company and will come only to us. We will provide you with an Ethicspro email in an Irish domain, only we will have access and again your employees, vendors, or anyone to whom you wish to make it available can report concerns at work in confidence to us, which we will pass onto you.

And yes we also provide a mail service of the old tradition; we will receive documents, letters and faxes to our headquarters on your behalf, this can be discussed with you where we can tailor make a package that suits you.

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