Company concerns

Company Concerns

As part of your code of conduct and setting your corporate culture, it is important for your organisation to express its do’s and don’ts in the company environment. Directors and employers have various obligations. Obligations to the company in preserving its reputation, obligations as employers, and organisations have a right to expect an obligation from its employees and vendors that their reputation is preserved and not tarnished by unethical or illegal business practices.

Those who represent your company, represent it in many ways,

  • In the boardroom
  • With customers
  • With suppliers
  • With shareholders
  • With regulators and law makers
  • To the public

It is fair to say that, at different levels of any organisation concerns present themselves in many different ways depending on the level a person is at within an organisation. What is relevant to the employee through his or her eyes, may not present itself as a matter of immediate importance to the Head of Finance, or to the Human Resources Manager. What is important is that there is a common standard in recognising what should be relevant to all. At Ethicspro we can assist your company in developing those common standards, that culture which sets the basis for a confident environment for all.

Almost everyone will understand what is acceptable and unacceptable in the work place, but sometimes things are not always obvious

  • Theft  or misuse of company property
  • Safety to company representatives, product or services
  • Using company assets for personal gain
  • Bribery
  • Corruption
  • Kickbacks
  • Breaches of local or international laws
  • Political donations
  • Gifts, excursions and entertainment
  • Breach of confidence or trade secret

In fostering an internal reporting environment your organisation will, based on the loyalty of your employees and stakeholders, have additional controls at its disposal to hopefully prevent an incident escalating to a situation where a loss arises in the company, or a good employee is compelled to leave your organisation, or go to the media to expose wrong doing.

We can help you develop your company documents, and provide you with the necessary training materials to communicate with your stakeholders, and in doing so protect your reputation

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